Left Eye Right Eye

About Brad

I’m a freelance cartoonist, humorous illustrator and writer living in Michigan’s gorgeous (and often snowy) Upper Peninsula.

I grew up in Iowa and attended Luther College, emerging in 1975 with a Bachelor’s degree in English and no idea what to do with it. I decided to teach, earning my certification from the University of Iowa in 1977. One year as a substitute high school English instructor, however, got the teaching bug out of my system, apparently for good. I moved to the Upper Peninsula in 1978, and in 1984, took a shot at my dream career: freelance cartooning and humorous illustration. I’ve been happily at it ever since.

Any success I’ve had is due in large measure to a supportive, patient and loving wife, my family, and a very special circle of friends and colleagues, fellow cartoonists, artists and writers around the world.

Peace, joy and chuckles!

Brad Veley
Skandia, Michigan