Cartoons & Humorous Illustration by
Bradford Veley Bradford Veley 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get samples of your work?

There are many samples of cartoons, sorted by topic, on this website. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact me. We can discuss your cartoon needs and how you plan to use my cartoons. At that point, I can do a more thorough search of my cartoon archives for just the right drawing.

Or you may want to consider having me draw a custom cartoon for you (see Humorous Illustration).

Can I request that you make changes to captions or characters in a Veley cartoon I want to order?

Yes, you certainly can request changes. But I’m the final judge of what is acceptable (after all, it’s my name on the final cartoon!). Any and all suggested changes must be in accord with my own strange sense of what’s funny and tasteful. But relax: most alterations requested by clients are relatively innocuous; some are even hilarious. I’m usually very happy to make them. I charge $50 an hour for cartoon changes, and will provide you with a firm price estimate before actually beginning work. Also, plan on a few extra days for the order to be completed (that depends entirely upon my current work schedule).

How soon will I receive my cartoon(s) after I order them?

I will E-mail cartoon artwork within 24 hours after receiving your order, Monday-Friday, assuming it’s a standard order, i.e.:, one that doesn’t require additional work on my part (adding color, changing a caption, re-drawing a character, etc.). If you’re a new client, contact me first, so that we can discuss rates, other details and make payment arrangements.

What about color cartoons? Can color be added to a black & white Veley cartoon that I really like?

Yes. The fee for adding color is $50.

What about using your cartoons on my website?

Absolutely! I sell web publication rights to my cartoons for $100 per cartoon, for one year at a time. See rates. Then call me.

We’re a non-profit organization. Can we use your cartoons for free or for a discount?

My stock cartoons are free for educators, as well as for non-profit organizations advancing human and animal rights, the environment, progressive political change and sustainable food production. Some limits apply. Contact me and we’ll talk.

Can I use your cartoons in an advertisement, on a post-card, or a T-shirt?

Yes, but not without talking to me first. We’ll discuss your project, my rates, and, if you’d like, I’d be glad to prepare a price estimate for you.

Can we print your cartoons on our company memo pads, coffee cups and things like that, as long as we’re not selling them and they stay within our company?

Yes, but not for free. Again, please contact me first.

How about putting your cartoons on our break-room refrigerator?

Be my guest. A well-visited refrigerator is the Cartoonist’s Wall of Honor.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. If you change your mind and decide not to publish a cartoon that I’ve sent to you, I will certainly refund any payments you’ve made—either the entire amount or a reasonable percentage. If your cartoon order involved additional work on my part (adding color, for example), or was a custom-drawn illustration, the refund would be a percentage of the amount you’ve already paid. The Graphic Artists Guild (among other organizations) provides detailed guidelines for situations such as these. Contact me me for more information.

I’m thinking of becoming a cartoonist or humorous illustrator when I grow up. What advice can you give me?

First: don’t ever grow up. Second: don’t become a cartoonist! There’s already WAAAY too much excellent competition in the profession! Seriously, here’s some real advice:

  1. Read all you can on the subject
  2. Draw every day
  3. Find a good mentor or two (people who are already doing what you dream of doing)
  4. Ask lots of questions. Trust me: we all did the same thing when we were your age.
I have some great ideas for cartoons. Can you draw them and then share the profits with me?

Sorry, but I just don’t have the time (or, to be honest, the inclination) to work with a gag writer. Plus, I have plenty of my own cartoon ideas that need to be drawn. But best of luck to you, my fellow funny person!