Cartoons & Humorous Illustration by
Bradford Veley Bradford Veley 

Concerning copyrights and my cartoons:

I sincerely hope you enjoy the cartoon art included on my website and that the samples provided here help you choose the perfect Veley cartoon for your publication. If you’re just browsing, that’s fine, too!

My cartoon samples are for your private use only. You are welcome to make copies of them on your home or office printer, especially if it helps you in your selection process, but please DO NOT publish this artwork in ANY form, make multiple copies of it, post it on the Web, your company’s intranet, or for promotional purposes without my permission. Yes, folks, that even includes church and school bulletins or newsletters for your favorite non-profit cause.

MY DRAWINGS ARE COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. Selling publishing rights to them is how I make a living and feed my family. If you’d like to publish a Veley cartoon, contact me! Let’s talk. I’m a very easy guy to work with.

Thanks for reading this, for honoring copyright laws and for your interest in my wacky drawings!

Peace, smiles and chuckles!


Bradford Veley